Quality of Life Improvements 1.0.1

Uploaded a new build of Symphony of Seven Souls with some quality of life improvements.

- Ambient light and brightness controls:  1 key / DPad down will make the ambient light darker and 2 key / DPad Up will make the light brighter. Music stand with the new controls has been added to the starting area for new players.

- Binaural Audio Improvements: Switched from the default Unreal Engine spatialisation solution to the Oculus spatialisation plugin. Much better binaural audio for headphones without such hard panning in the left and right side. Although this can introduce a little phasing sound when looking up and down but the tradeoff feels worth it.

- Death Bells to Help Locate Ghosts: Now when you are not playing violin the ghosts will emit the soft ringing sound of their death bell, which can help you locate them if you listen closely.

- Exclusive Fullscreen and Native Resolution: The game should now launch in exclusive fullscreen mode and at your native resolution. Unreal is a little picky about this when trying to run at a different aspect ratio (4:3 in this case) than the native aspect ratio of the display device. I think I fixed it and got exclusive fullscreen rather than borderless fullscreen, but let me know if you are still having issues. I also removed the pixelated resolution filter so the image will be much sharper. I wasn't sticking very close to the PSX limitations anyway so we might as well have a sharp image to see all those crunchy pixel textures.

- Time Wasting Reduced: I drastically reduced some parts that were wasting the player's time like the cell. I also reduced the amount of time the player has to perform with their orchestra as that seemed to be confusing some people.

- Leading with Light: Altered some parts of the ending so the lights will guide the player a little more than they previously did. This should help direct you on the intented path more, but feel free to go off the rails if you so desire.


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Aug 17, 2021

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