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Created for BlindJam2

Wander the fields as Ichi, a blind ronin, searching for oni playing instruments. Parry their chi attacks at just the right time to banish them. The game uses only spatial audio to allow the player to navigate their surroundings. Inspired by Zatoichi and Kung Fu Hustle.

Controller and headphones required!


- Left Stick: Move forward/back, left/right

- Right Stick: Rotate left/right

- Hold Left Shoulder: Sprint

- Right Shoulder: Parry attack

- D-pad Up: Draw sword

- D-pad Down: Put away sword

- Esc: Quit game

Created in UE5, majority of the recordings done with an H1n and Reaper, the others played on virtual instruments or bought from various sites.


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Ichi.zip 405 MB


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while it does loop the same the scenarios, which may put some people off this is definitely something i will come back to often, purely from how interesting it is to me

This game caught my interest but I don't really have a working controller, is there any way keyboard controls could be added?

The reason I didn't was because I had to read out the controls in the tutorial and all the complication of detecting what the player was using, plus recording extra voice lines was too much for a jam experiment. I'll try to add them in today and just post the keyboard commands in the description.