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Made in 10 days for the Dredge the Depths Jam hosted by DreadXP.

If, like me, you have never been fishing then this will hopefully explain everything you need to know. Just climb into your FLESH & BONE™ jellyfish ship and go and catch the fishie of your dreams! Use seaweed to hide from the undead dolphin-whale things and be mindful of the shockwaves emanating from the fishie generator as you get closer to your catch.


Move - Left Stick / WASD

Camera - Right Stick / Mouse

Pause - Start Button / ESC

About half of the models and textures were created in the week before the jam.

Models - Blender / ZBrush

Textures - Substance Designer / Painter

Music & SFX - Reaper

The game requires a fairly beefy PC to run as I was working out a new pipeline for UE5 assets. It would have taken about a month to remake all the assets for lower-end systems and heavily compromised how I wanted it to look. Sorry that some people won't be able to play but I'll put a full video on my Youtube channel for those that are still interested.


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Tags3D, Aliens, Atmospheric, dredgethedepths, Experimental, Horror, jam, Sci-fi, Third Person, ue5


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Was entertaining, until we realised they could not hurt is.. then it got funnier!

hehe...fishie go blub blub...

Cool game here's a speedrun


Comments below clip;

What does it fee like to be submerged down below the ocean's surface?

Just play this game, and you'll be happy to live on land...

So much happened, in such little time.

What a wonderful experience.

What wonderful sights.

Go ahead, download and play this game, and show the Devs some $$$ <3

This is a neat little concept of a game - sadly some aspects aren't complete, but there's definitely atmosphere and decent, functional mechanics. Well worth checking out and showing the dev some support; would be interesting to see what they could do if they had time to produce something a little longer and more fleshed out!

The game looked great, the other undead whale things looked amazing, although I feel like a bit more could've been done with the idea, but still it was neat, good work :)


Thank you! It was made in 10 days so I didn't really have time to do much with it after I had made all the assets and music unfortunately, just a silly quick project.


Aw man, I don’t know how you do it. Roughly ten minutes and you establish a world that is wholly immersive. This is both so completely different from Symphony of Seven Souls and at the same time so in line (aka great soundtrack, amazing visuals and smooth gameplay), it’s such a delight. Also, that ending <3

Thanks for playing again and sharing your video! Glad you were laughing at the ending too XD


getting increasingly anxious as the aliens inch closer to an understanding of the concept of "fishing"


Very impressive work for a game jam title.  Great atmosphere, lighting, art style, and sound design. I am a huge fan of exploration type games and I could see this one easily being expanded into a full game! 


playing 4 horror games on inch.io including this one

Dude a game where you’re an alien in a tiny submarine evading undead dolphin whale things? That’s just immaculate


The zombie fishes are creepy.

Very nice! Loves the graphics and the design of those zombie fishes. Played for the 2nd time just to realize the shockwave and the zombie fishes are not... you know, but it's still creepy nonetheless. Good job!

Thank you and glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I intended to make them do a bit more, but I've ran out of time unfortunately. I'm just happy it gave you the illusion the first time round. :)