Almost Done!

It's almost time to slop out the final version of Cardiac.

I can't believe how fast the last 6 weeks have gone since I started this project! I had planned to release weekly builds of the project to let you all try them as I went but most sections were too incomplete to add anything new to the prototype build.

I thought instead I would share a couple of pieces I painted, this year and last, that served as the initial inspiration and visual guide for this project. I'm looking forward to going back to some painting after this stretch of just focusing on Cardiac with my free time, but I will be around to try and fix bugs and answer any game development questions anyone might have. I'll probably release some breakdowns, 3D assets, soundtrack and Substance materials in the few weeks after - feel free to use them for whatever you want. :)

The plan is to release the final build on Wed 30th of October around midnight to give everyone a chance to download that wants to play on Halloween. And if anyone has any good suggestions for horror games for myself to play on Halloween night then please post it down in the comments.



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those are great !! love your painting style !!

i started to look for games for you for halloween... then i realized i could put together a collection for everyone ... i'll be doing that and posting the link here !!

edit: here's the link:

Thank you. That's an excellent idea and a great list you have put together there! 

I second Anatomy by Kitty Horrorshow. If anyone hasn't tried it yet then definitely give it a go - it's a masterclass in tension and has some incredible sound design and lo-fi aesthetic. There's definitely a few on there that I haven't played yet so I'll give them a go, thanks!