Quick bug fix

Noticed there was a bug with yesterday's release that caused the soft-body physics not to work for the player and for the camera to act erratically when it got close. Hopefully also fixed a couple of random crashes.

Apologies to everyone that played the inferior, less disgusting version on the 31st of Oct, everything should be working fine now.




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Nov 01, 2019

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Game keep crashing, I'm disappointed!

Sorry to hear that. Is it crashing at the same place each time or different? What are your system specs?

Landed in the skull.


AMD Ryzen 3 1200
16GB Ram

MSI AMD RX 580 4GB Graphic

Your machine shouldn't have any problems with it and it's strange that you can get that far without any other issues. I would recommend you make sure your drivers are up to date (if they are not already) and install the UE4 prerequisites. You can find them in Cardiac\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe. I used a newly added feature for UE4 called virtual texturing that may be causing issues for some people or may not be entirely stable yet. Unfortunately to remove it I would have to remake every texture in the game and the performance would likely take a heavy hit so it's not something I plan to do at the moment.

Still crashed the game. 

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I already updated the drivers and installed UE4 prerequisites, then the game crashed again where I landed in the skull.

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I have made a new build that disables the UE4 compression, which may have been the cause of your issue. Please try this one and let me know how you get on