A downloadable nightmare for Windows

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Cardiac is a surreal horror experience in development for Halloween.

Slop your way through a strange and unsettling dream.

Builds before the 31st of October will likely be abstract, disconnected mood-pieces with the hopes that I will bring everything together by the 31st.

Gamepad Controls:

L2 - Reach out with tendrils to latch onto the world

R2 - Pull your mass towards your tendrils

R.stick - Camera Control

Mouse Controls:

RightMouse - Reach out with tendrils to latch onto the world

LeftMouse - Pull your mass towards your tendrils

MouseMove - Camera Control


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Cardiac.rar - Prototype 454 MB


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This was a weird interesting game. Not much else to say about it 

I was honestly waiting for a surprise jumpscare. I think I encountered a bug on the last part where it kept looping back to the beginning. Not sure if I didn't meet an objective or, certain criteria to trigger "the ending" or, if it was a random bug. The controls were a bit clunky to me on keyboard and, mouse. I like the atmosphere behind the game but, I didn't really feel any horror behind it maybe i'm just a disturbed individual!

Thank you for taking the time to video and comment. You are unlikely to find explicit jumpscares in any of my work as I think they are typically the antithesis of the type of horror that I am interested in.

It's not a bug as this prototype intentionally repeats itself. So don't worry, you didn't miss anything. :)

I can understand that many will not feel any direct horror from this experience (and likely not from the final version either). Another factor may be that I have placed a large emphasis on the audio design in this project and talking aloud to yourself is a naturally soothing action (like Ripley at the end of Alien singing "Lucky Star") so it might not be as well suited for video commentary as more visceral jumpscare experiences. However I thank you for your honesty as I do prefer criticism and open discussion over direct praise.

Thank you for the reply. I'm glad I didn't miss anything i've encountered bugs in other games that I noticed others have not. Especially when developers are working on their projects. That's great you stick to your own style and, not to let anyone sway you from that.In no way was I trying to bash your game if it was precieved that way. Was just stating how I view  this style of ar and perception will differ person to person.  My only real quip was the controls of keyboard and, mouse which could be in my play style and, not how you have it set up.

Oh don't worry, there was no offence taken and I do really appreciate the honest criticsm and comments. It is extremely helpful for me that Youtubers like yourself take the time to play and record, voice your opinions and spot bugs as I don't have play testers to pick up on the things I don't. I completely agree about the clunkiness of the controls and it is something I hope to improve for the final version. Thanks again.

that was absolutely gorgeous and lovely! i'll have to spend a little more time with the movement but even just clumsily traversing was wonderful. i honestly feel that it's great as it is, no real gameplay objectives, just going places is enough for me.

Thank you for your kind words, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it so much even in the state it's in! I also don't need a lot of direction or objectives to enjoy a game. Hope you'll like the final release too

markiplier played this game just incase you didnt know yet

Thanks, I just finished watching it. Glad to see he was appropriately repulsed and confused.

Great game man I'm an unreal developer as well, I love the movement you went for it feels like one of those old spiderman games, and it feels natural, some of the shadows were too dark especially on the last stage I couldn't see what I was doing, but other than that solid game waiting to see what you create next.

Thanks very much for the informed feedback, I really appreciate it. I couldn't agree more about the dark shadows and it's something I'm already working on without killing the contrast of the scenes.

God, I'm excited for the final version of this. It's almost too detailed. It's revolting in a really good way.

Cardiac starts at 6:36.


Ha, "too detailed" is an excellent compliment! Thanks for taking the time to play and record it, I'll check out some more of your videos

Cardiac, as it is right now, is dark, disgusting, and full of goopy flesh. In other words, it's perfect for spooky October gaming. I'm curious to see what the final build will be like.

Good job, dev.

Haha, glad to hear you were disgusted by this in the best way. As to your question about pre-made assets - everything was made by me from scratch. I enjoy the making more than the destination.

Great job on making it then. You do "gross" very well.

Really enjoyed the body horror aspect of this, look forward to you building off this. So rad. Surreal and rad. <3

Thanks. Who doesn't like a bit of body horror!

That was weird :) I look forward to the update 

I dont think ive been so unsettled and creeped out from such a short experience lol wonderfully done! This was the second game I played in the video for 3 random horror games! 

Thanks very much. I apologise but I'm also glad it had that unsettling affect on you

good idea. I hope it is finished soon

Haha! Did you print out screenshots from the game in b/w + low rez and scan them for this page?

Ha, looks like it! This project has always intended to be black and white for the most part. It was actually a mistake uploading a colour build, but shhh - don't tell anyone...

Very weird game. My interpretation was that you play as a blood clot making your way to the heart lol not sure if that's correct but it was still interesting.

Really interesting, cool to see new ways of delivering horror.  As it stands it's more or less just eerie with a touch of disgusting.  I can't wait to see what you make of this, best of luck with the development

This is the first game in the video

The mechanics are interesting, I'll come back to the full game when it comes out!

I come back to give it a try but it is a little bit confusing me!

Pretty cool start, my only complaint is that it'd be nice to zoom the camera in and out a bit since the positioning isn't always ideal, but it does add to it being a strange experience that's just unintuitive enough to feel alien but still controllable. Definitely looking forward to more!

That is a good idea and shouldn't be too hard to implement. I wanted the camera to feel uncomfortably close but it would definitely help to give the choice for a bit of extra room. Thanks for the suggestion.

Gave it a go...

Very weird and cool. Curious to see how the rest of the game will be.

This is wonderful! Really looking forward to what you do with this for Halloween!

Haha, thanks very much trying and recording this prototype. I could tell you had the same kind of giddy fun with this as I did when I first got it working! I appreciate that you took the time to admire the textures and sound design too as those are the aspects I enjoy working on the most.

The sound effects match perfectly. And the texture work was brilliant! The combination made moving the heart around feel so gooey and gross. Congrats man, beautiful job!


Realy cool game definetly a weird one but very original and hella fun gameplay starts in my vid at 4.07

Thanks for including this prototype on your video.  The other projects on there looked interesting and I'll need to add them to my list to try out later when I have some free time.

Talk about strange. I really enjoyed the slip slap of that super detailed heart of gooooo. 

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


A very weird game. Gives you a little chill when you first look at it. nice job.


When I started playing this game, my first thought was that you must be medical student. Am I right? I am curious if you are. I must admit, that I really loved this simulation and I am happy to hear that this is just the beginning of something bigger. Please let me know when you will release more :) Congrats on developing this game :)

btw here is my video:


That's an interesting guess but I'm not a medical student. We do have a medical museum in town though that I visit fairly regularly for sketching and inspiration, this project was started after one of those trips. Thanks for trying out the prototype.

Good game dev i love the graphics and movement mechanics it's different i feel like i'm spiderman xD , i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Still I made a Gameplay of your game.....I really appreciated your hard work Dev keep it going :) 

Thanks for taking the time to play through and record it!

My Pleasure :) 

Awesome Graphics and Game but its really short...Hardly 1.30 min game....Please release an extended/Full version. :) 

Check out the description - this is just the first prototype, a kind of mood-piece. The plan is to release as much as I can by Halloween.

weird but refreshing new :)

Thank you!